The fertilisers meant for nurseries are specially packaged to let the young saplings thrive without damaging them. However, the nursery fertilisers should be taken in organic form such as vermicompost, which is pure and safe for little plants. 

Among many options of organic fertilisers available in the market, vermicompost is the best source of nutrients. Having the right kind of nutrition for soil helps enhance aeration and drainage in it, which encourages root growth. All of this results in safe sprouting of the seedlings with uniform growth of all plants. 


Different vermicompost for different nurseries

Different kinds of fertilisers have different ratios of nutrients present in them meant for a variety of plants. Vermicompost releases nutrients slowly, which is particularly helpful for the new saplings in the nursery. The baby plants in the nursery cannot be overwhelmed with fast-releasing nutrients of the chemical fertilisers, which is why vermicompost is a better option for them. 

Vermicompost gives nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus slowly to the plants to promote their healthy growth and give them a longer life. 

At SoilChampp, we offer our high quality vermicompost for small and large scale nurseries where the owners can use the natural fertilisers for all kinds of plants and trees. Since vermicompost supplied by our company is free of pathogens and fungus, it improves the rate of germination and decreases the rate of death in saplings.